Optimal transport

GMMOT: Optimal Transport between Gaussian Mixture Models: CodePaper

Image synthesis / abstraction

  • A generic framework for the structured abstraction of images (with N.Faraj, G-S Xia and Y. Gousseau): CodePaper

Image restoration and enhancement

  • HDR+ Burst denoising method (with A. Monod and T. Veit) IPOL (CODE + ONLINE DEMO)

  • FastDVDnet: A Very Fast Deep Video Denoising algorithm (with M. Tassano and T. Veit) CODEVidéos

  • DVDnet: A Simple and Fast Network for Deep Video Denoising (with M. Tassano and T. Veit) CODE

  • An Analysis and Implementation of the FFDNet Image Denoising Method. (with M. Tassano and T. Veit) IPOL (CODE + ONLINE DEMO)

  • A Bayesian Hyperprior Approach for Joint Image Denoising and Interpolation (with C. Aguerrebere, A. Almansa, Y. Gousseau and P. Musé) WEBPAGE and Code

  • PARIGI (Patch-based Approach to Remove Impulse-Gaussian Noise from Images) (with T. Guillemot, A. Desolneux)) IPOL (CODE + ONLINE DEMO) GITHUB

Image and histogram analysis


  • Split and Match: Example-based Adaptive Patch Sampling for Unsupervised Style Transfer webpage

  • Motion driven tonal stabilization webpage

  • Flicker stabilization in image sequences webpage (see also this introduction to the problem, in french)

  • Removing Artefacts From Color and Contrast Modifications webpage